Strawberry Passion

Penny can’t eat strawberries. For some unknown reason, the world had forbidden her the pleasure of tasting the most delicious fruit. Her sister, named Becky, can eat strawberries, and she loves them very much. Becky usually eats strawberries in front of her dear sister Penny. Every time Becky eats strawberries in front of her sister, she is asked for a little bite. However, Becky is highly sensitive about her sister, who doesn’t allow her to taste not the tiniest portion of strawberry.

One day, Becky was eating her strawberries in front of Penny, as she used to do, when Penny was able to eat a whole strawberry. Becky had had a quite bad day, and she wasn’t fast enough to stop her. As Penny was tasting the strawberry, she realised she was living the best moment of her life. Once Penny ate the strawberry, she realised that now, she was living the worst moment of her life.

Everything in Penny’s body began to ache. She even fell to the floor. Becky didn’t know what to do. Although it was’t the first time Penny ate strawberries. Nevertheless, this time it was different. The other times, Penny had proved a little piece of the red fruit, the result of which was one week without uttering a single word.

When the ambulance came, it was too late. Penny had already decided that she would rather die for pleasure than fighting her whole life against it.


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