The Princess of Darkness

Clara had always wanted to be poor and regular. She wished to have those kind of lives in which you almost have to beg for money in order to survive. She didn’t know how to achieve it, but she knew she would. She was completely certain. She had made a promise about it. Hence, she decided to study a university degree to perhaps become an unemployed person or who knows, maybe a waitress.

At first, she thought it would be quite difficult to achieve such a goal. However, as things were going, it turned out to be quite easy. One of the main reasons why it was so simple was due to the social support she received every day. All the people she knew wanted her to achieve the goal of living like a rat.

After some years of hard work at the university, she was thrown into the Working World. The Working World is a World which belongs to the Dagobah system, where the Jedi master Yoda was found dead. It is completely covered by a grounded fog. The life in this World is inadvisable, as it is inhabited by many dangerous monsters who feed on young flesh. These monsters range from werewolves, zombies, mummies, vampires, witches, sorceresses and many more despicable creatures. It was a World of misery, dust, and a nauseating smell. It was exactly what Clara expected to be. And she dreamed to be a monster like them in a near future.

Clara was called to work in a clothing store, after two years of unemployment. While she was not working, she had a lot of fun, as there is nothing better than feeling useless and dysfunctional. Although when she was called to work, she couldn’t avoid to show interest in the job.

The first day of work, Nara, who was the broomless witch on charge of the store, showed her everything she didn’t need to know about her work as well as nothing about what she needed to know. “I’m living a dream” Clara thought to herself. She was unable to avoid her smile to be exposed in front of her boss due to her paramount happiness.

Later, she would meet Patrick the vampire and the mummy Silvia. They were great companions. Plus, they love to yell and complain at everyone, and complaining was one of Clara’s favourite activities she had learnt at the university. They complained about the weather, the costumers, their boss, and about each other. It was a great experience for Clara.

Once she reached two years in the clothing store, she was almost one of them. Clara had finally achieved her goal. Now, she was another monster from the Working World (Dagobah system). In fact, she already had a tiny tale growing from her behind. According to her work mates, that could only mean she was a devil, or as Clara’s mother rather called her, the princess of darkness.



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