A Voice who Speaks

Yes indeed. I have an unmeasurable ability to whisper things to people. I know that most of these things are gloomy. I know it. But it is not done on purpose. I am highly prone to tell nasty things to beings. Things they do not want to listen. Horrible stuff. And I have told so to every human being on earth. I do it because I want to see them fall. I want to see them down. I want them to suffer and be mad and sad. I want them to think twice in order not to make the decision they had planned at first. I want them to regret.

But as I am telling you, I am not doing so on purpose. There is always a reason in every action. If I enter into the people’s mind to whisper them, that is due to a mission. And I was requested to perform that very mission. As you will understand, I am not going to tell who requested me. Maybe, I was requested by myself, or by the human specie. Anyway, I am not going to be the one to let you know.

However, I do all these business for a good aspiration. I am making the humans stronger. I made them fall, so they can stand up again. I told them how ugly they are so they can realise by themselves that they are not. I told them that their lives are a nonsense, so they can find the sense. And I also told them they are hated, so they can find love.

Therefore, Your Lordship, I do plead guilty. But I will keep on executing my whispering activities. I will place myself into the human’s ear and mind. And I will take them down, so they can rise up.



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