Gustavo, the Dog

No dog was found like Gustavo. He was one of his kind. It was the dog with the most outstanding appreciation face that the any human being have ever seen in the history.

He was exceptionally careful, awfully polite, remarkably thoughtful and unusually courteous. It was one of those dogs who didn’t need glasses or a suit to look more intellectual. His owner was a middle age man who spent his life reading the newspaper. Gustavo read it too. He was really sensitive about the news in the Middle East.

One of the things he loved the most was staring at butterflies. That was his favourite sport by far. He was a dog of glimpses. It was needless for him to say anything, because his eyes told it all.

A funny day, his owner had an issue in the kitchen. That issue turned into a fire. Gustavo was witnessing the scene. He saw how his owner was running everywhere in order to put an end to the fire. He could have barked to ask for the neighbours’ help. He could have grabbed his master to pull him out of the house. He could have done many things, but he did none of them. He was smarter than that. He remained where he was. Staring at his owner from the distance. Because the bastard dog knew that if he got closer, he could burn. I hope he had learnt a lot from staring things and doing nothing. It was the most indifferent, passive, uninterested, cold, emotionless, insensible, languid dog I’ve ever had. At least he must have had fun watching the scene. Perhaps he’s now laughing with his friends the butterflies about the situation and yes, I’m being sarcastic! And yes, I’m his owner!


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