I’ve seen many weirdos in my long life, but there was no one like the Stockman. He was one of his kind.

He usually went out for running. However, the days he chose for practising some exercise where not selected randomly. He was only seen when the stock market went up. Otherwise, nobody saw him. Not running, nor walking.

The speed of his running depended on how much the stock market went up. If the market was extremely high, he ran as though he was facing the last steps of a half marathon. If the market went up very softly, he would run really slow, almost walking.

Many of his neighbours who usually bought the newspaper to check the stock market’s values, began to just look at Stockman and his performances. The newspaper was of no-use for them anymore.

Unfortunately, this heroes of the market don’t usually last too long in town. One day, the market figures increased so much that Stockman ran as much as he could. But he never came back. He must’ve forgotten. Or maybe he went so far away that he forgot the way home. A week after his disappearance, everyone was buying the newspaper as they used to do.

Perhaps you’re wondering how I was able to link the stock market with this man. Because, that could’ve been difficult to discern… The answer is quite simple though. I’m also a weirdo.


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