The Perfect one

There was nothing that Richard didn’t know. He was an expert in every subject known and in every subject to know. If there was something he didn’t understand, he cried and yelled and cursed. He ruled his own world and he pretended to rule other people’s worlds.

One rainy day he met Charlis. She was a very funny girl from the northern rocks. She knew exactly what she had to do at any moment. Richard also knew what he and she had to do at any moment. That brought storms to the following days.

But the sunny days were able to appear again. That was due to Chris. She was a woman who only wanted to live fully. She loved to enjoy every second of his hours at Rkota. Richard fall deeply in love with his beauty according to him, and with his lack of decision according to the rest of the village.

Hence, Richard left Charles in order to start a new relationship with Chris.

Ten years later, Chris had conquered Richard for good. She was the one who made decisions and he just complied. According to the people of the village, Chris was a witch who had poisoned Richard’s heart. According to Chris, he was just too in love. According to Richard, he got extremely tired of making so many decisions so he decided to abdicate his manners.


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