The Perfect one

There was nothing that Richard didn’t know. He was an expert in every subject known and in every subject to know. If there was something he didn’t understand, he cried and yelled and cursed. He ruled his own world and he pretended to rule other people’s worlds.

One rainy day he met Charlis. She was a very funny girl from the northern rocks. She knew exactly what she had to do at any moment. Richard also knew what he and she had to do at any moment. That brought storms to the following days.

But the sunny days were able to appear again. That was due to Chris. She was a woman who only wanted to live fully. She loved to enjoy every second of his hours at Rkota. Richard fall deeply in love with his beauty according to him, and with his lack of decision according to the rest of the village.

Hence, Richard left Charles in order to start a new relationship with Chris.

Ten years later, Chris had conquered Richard for good. She was the one who made decisions and he just complied. According to the people of the village, Chris was a witch who had poisoned Richard’s heart. According to Chris, he was just too in love. According to Richard, he got extremely tired of making so many decisions so he decided to abdicate his manners.


He was shot

He wasn’t different from the others. Still, everyone wanted to get him angry and ruin his life by shooting at him with their guns.

He was shot by many on a daily basis. Real bullets were used to knock him down. He couldn’t avoid them. The first bullets which entered into his body made him blood and made him cry. However, one day he observed how those bullets made no damage anymore. Precisely, the other way around. Every bullet which entered into his body made him bigger and stronger.

Having passed some time, people stopped shooting at him. They realised what his target had already discovered. It was then, when “the one who was shot” could live bigger and stronger and without anything to stop him.


I’ve seen many weirdos in my long life, but there was no one like the Stockman. He was one of his kind.

He usually went out for running. However, the days he chose for practising some exercise where not selected randomly. He was only seen when the stock market went up. Otherwise, nobody saw him. Not running, nor walking.

The speed of his running depended on how much the stock market went up. If the market was extremely high, he ran as though he was facing the last steps of a half marathon. If the market went up very softly, he would run really slow, almost walking.

Many of his neighbours who usually bought the newspaper to check the stock market’s values, began to just look at Stockman and his performances. The newspaper was of no-use for them anymore.

Unfortunately, this heroes of the market don’t usually last too long in town. One day, the market figures increased so much that Stockman ran as much as he could. But he never came back. He must’ve forgotten. Or maybe he went so far away that he forgot the way home. A week after his disappearance, everyone was buying the newspaper as they used to do.

Perhaps you’re wondering how I was able to link the stock market with this man. Because, that could’ve been difficult to discern… The answer is quite simple though. I’m also a weirdo.

The Mountain and Her

She wanted to reach the top of the mountain. She really want it. She could think in nothing but being there, at the highest point the earth has known. Several people told her how difficult it was, how dangerous. ‘Many went but few succeed’ was the most recurrent sentence she heard. But no one convinced her. Lara’s thoughts were solid.

After some days spent in preparing the adventure, she, at last, began the route. The first steps were complex, but not for Lara. She was motivated and no one could stop her. However, there was something that changed her mind a bit. By the time she was reaching halfway, she witnessed how other adventurous were going back. They were really tall and strong. It was the first time she saw men like those. One of them was three times her, minimum. She asked them why they were leaving. They said the mountain was too high and strong for them. Lara tried to cheer them up, but it didn’t work. They abandoned the mountain in silence.Read more…

She thought that if such men were defeated by the mountain, her chances would not be quite high… But Lara was decided to continue her journey. Although her motivation was clearly decreased, she had strength and she knew she could still do it. Besides, until that moment, she could not properly see the mountain in all its glory, because of the clouds. She was expecting a sunny day to let her gaze the beauty of the mountain up and down, and at the same time, regain her lost motivation.

That day finally came. Lara was in the middle of the trip and the expected sunny day was there. But what she saw that day broke her heart. Even though the sky was cloudless, she could not watch the end of the mountain. It was higher than she expected, and the inclination was at least four times greater.

For several days, Lara thought in giving up. Just the idea of reaching the top of the mountain looked stupid to her. She understood now, why those giant men were so defeated. There was no hope. ‘Just the hope of a fool’, she said to herself.

As she said those words, she realised something. ‘If there is the hope of a fool, there must be a hope anyway’. Lara started to think in what a fool is. ‘Fools just watch what they have in front of them’. She changed her mind completely. She forgot about reaching the top of the mountain. Instead, she focused on what was in front of her. With her eyes, she spot a rock which was quite far away, but she was able to see it. ‘That’s going to be my goal’ she stated.

Her courage and motivation were recovered. She felt as fine as when she was starting the journey. She felt new, young and powerful. She was enjoying the adventure again. Now, Lara was completely sure. Nothing could beat her.

Gustavo, the Dog

No dog was found like Gustavo. He was one of his kind. It was the dog with the most outstanding appreciation face that the any human being have ever seen in the history.

He was exceptionally careful, awfully polite, remarkably thoughtful and unusually courteous. It was one of those dogs who didn’t need glasses or a suit to look more intellectual. His owner was a middle age man who spent his life reading the newspaper. Gustavo read it too. He was really sensitive about the news in the Middle East.

One of the things he loved the most was staring at butterflies. That was his favourite sport by far. He was a dog of glimpses. It was needless for him to say anything, because his eyes told it all.

A funny day, his owner had an issue in the kitchen. That issue turned into a fire. Gustavo was witnessing the scene. He saw how his owner was running everywhere in order to put an end to the fire. He could have barked to ask for the neighbours’ help. He could have grabbed his master to pull him out of the house. He could have done many things, but he did none of them. He was smarter than that. He remained where he was. Staring at his owner from the distance. Because the bastard dog knew that if he got closer, he could burn. I hope he had learnt a lot from staring things and doing nothing. It was the most indifferent, passive, uninterested, cold, emotionless, insensible, languid dog I’ve ever had. At least he must have had fun watching the scene. Perhaps he’s now laughing with his friends the butterflies about the situation and yes, I’m being sarcastic! And yes, I’m his owner!