The Walks of David: Mumblehood

After a long morning at work, David decided to spend a different afternoon. He went out for a walk.

As he walked, his thoughts were getting more clear than before going out to the street. Also, he was enjoying how people moved from one place to another, how the town was working. He could hear shoutings, whispers and ordinary conversations. He was loving to be a witness of all that activity. David was having fun. When he checked his clock he realised he had been walking for an hour and he was about to enter in a different town. A town he was never in. But he had time, so he decided to continue his little journey.

The new town was quite similar to the one he was living in, and so was the people. However, as he was moving forward, he witnessed that some people were mumbling something to themselves. And the more he walked, the more mumbling people appeared, until he reached a point where everyone surrounding him was mumbling. He was not scared. Let’s say he was surprised. So surprised he was that he faced one of these mumblers to ask for the time. He had a clock, but he asked him anyway to know if they had some kind of mental problem.Read more…

“Excuse me sir, what time is it?” David asked decidedly. The “sir” looked at him, up and down, with a face of disgust. Then the “sir” followed his path while he continued with the mumblings, without paying attention to the formulated question.

David tried to talk with more people, but the result would be no different. And yes, he was scared now. He walked straight again and as fast as he could, but making a big effort in not attracting the attention of the mumblers. He was really frightened. And in a moment of lucidity he noticed he was mumbling too. Although he did not know what exactly he was mumbling about. Then, with the mumble came relieve. No signs of frightening were left. He was feeling much better. The feeling was so great that he approached a middle-aged man to talk to him. He mumbled something and the middle-aged man mumbled him back and they waved goodbye. He made it natural, like it was a daily thing, to mumble with another person without saying anything, not a word.

For some organic reason, David, the happy walker (and now mumbler also), entered in a bakery shop and bought a loaf of bread. He asked for the loaf and payed for it by mumbling. Only mumbling. Which looked to be the official language of the town. After that, he continued his walk. David was really happy.

After twenty more minutes of walking and bread eating, he asked a lady about something (mumbling stuff). The lady looked at him like he was mad and she run away from him. He also struggled to maintain a mumbling conversation with some guys but they also looked at him like he was crazy and did not answer any of his mumblings. He saw how all people he was crossing in the street were looking at him for some reason he unknown yet.

David stopped his walk for a second, in order to think about the situations he had just lived. It was then, when he figured out that all the people around him were speaking with words, instead of mumbling. He got completely embarrassed when he noted it. He could not believe he had been mumbling the whole time. Some part of him knew he was mumbling, but the other did not want to recognise it. He also noted he was in his town and around five minutes away from the street where he lived. He leaded his steps to that place, home. “Too much walking this time,” he mumbled.


A New Age

Everyone knew that sooner or later, we would achieve the goal. There is no reason why we should forbid marriage for some, while others, due to their sexual conditions, can enjoy it freely. The most conservative part of the society couldn’t see with good eyes our proposal. Even though it is extremely difficult to understand the real why of the matter.

Our kind of couples usually date in the outside world. It is not like years ago, when you could only enjoy your relationship through the internet at home. Now, you can date outside and go together to the cinema or to a beach. It is true that some people look at us in a creepy way, but nobody tell us a thing. Their minds judge us, but society does not anymore. Our world is progressing, and that progression needs to be reflected in our social status.

If you look at the history books, gay couples had to fight for decades for their rights. Now, we have been fighting for many decades too. We have been silenced. But that time was years ago. The rest of the world has to understand that if you can feel love for a person, or an animal, why can not feel love for something else. What is the point of being so narrow-minded? Perhaps the world evolved due to narrow-minded ideas? I do not think so.

The moment has arrived. We will make history, like millions of people before us. It is known that all the beings will not be happy with this, but it is even more known that the majority of the population will be happier than ever. Because the marriage between humans and robots is no longer a dream. It is a reality.


A Voice who Speaks

Yes indeed. I have an unmeasurable ability to whisper things to people. I know that most of these things are gloomy. I know it. But it is not done on purpose. I am highly prone to tell nasty things to beings. Things they do not want to listen. Horrible stuff. And I have told so to every human being on earth. I do it because I want to see them fall. I want to see them down. I want them to suffer and be mad and sad. I want them to think twice in order not to make the decision they had planned at first. I want them to regret.

But as I am telling you, I am not doing so on purpose. There is always a reason in every action. If I enter into the people’s mind to whisper them, that is due to a mission. And I was requested to perform that very mission. As you will understand, I am not going to tell who requested me. Maybe, I was requested by myself, or by the human specie. Anyway, I am not going to be the one to let you know.

However, I do all these business for a good aspiration. I am making the humans stronger. I made them fall, so they can stand up again. I told them how ugly they are so they can realise by themselves that they are not. I told them that their lives are a nonsense, so they can find the sense. And I also told them they are hated, so they can find love.

Therefore, Your Lordship, I do plead guilty. But I will keep on executing my whispering activities. I will place myself into the human’s ear and mind. And I will take them down, so they can rise up.


Dear Mr. President

The matter can not be held for more time. The last years, we’ve been denying all the information that it was recorded by privates, but there is no way back. Our services can not stand this situation anymore. Wether the population is ready or not for this, we need to release the information.

As you must know, the other members of the committee agree. I hope you can agree too, as your approval is highly important and estimated, as well as highly needed. In case you suscribe, my colleagues and I have been developing a plan about how to broadcast this information. We all agree in giving the information in small pieces. We could begin with the existence of IETBs in far away planets and let this new rest over the population for a while. Let’s say a couple of years maximum, given the circumstances. Then, we could build a contact situation with the IETBs on earth and show some images of it.

This is just a draft. A roadmap. In any case, we’ll be discussing further details in our Tuesday’s meeting with the rest of the members, where I’ll be looking forward to knowing you verdict.

By the way, I‘d also like to clarify that this mail has been sent in paper in order not to leave any trace of its content.

Yours sincerely,

Lore Runj, Jupiter ambassador.


Toilet Wars

There’s no power that can beat the dark side of any toilet. Specially, if we talk about the dark side of THE toilet. It was in one of those times when you find yourself in a cool restaurant and a visit to the toilet is needed. The mistake started just there.

I was unconscious of the danger I was about to face. In fact, I was happy, because I was intended to do something in that toilet that I really needed to do. And of course, I would be able to do it, but it wouldn’t be as easy as I could’ve thought at first. The toilet had been preparing me an ambush, an ambush I wasn’t ready to deal with.

As I entered into the toilet, the lights came up by themselves. I supposed the reason for this had been the installation of a motion sensor, which allowed the lights to be on or off whether movement was detected or not. I thought how cool that was. But what could I hope? I was in a cool restaurant! I should’ve guessed it.

I decided to approach to one of those toilets that you have to stand up to “work on the thing”. The “work” I was doing was a long one (I had been containing me and drinking at the same time, for a couple of hours). It was so long the the motion sensor didn’t perceive me anymore and hence, the lights went out. I was trapped in that moment. I tried to move one leg and one hand in order to turn on the lights again. As it wasn’t enough to turn them on, I got crazy and I moved two hands and one leg (the only thing that kept me apart from moving both legs was falling down). Next, I shook my hips in a way that Shakira herself would envy. Even I took out a dove from a hat I hadn’t noticed I was wearing and send the dove to fly away. But nothing worked. Or almost nothing…

One of the things I was more afraid of, was that someone came into the toilet and saw me pissing in the dark. And it happened. A middle-aged male opened the door and the lights came up again. He saw how everything was dark when he opened the door. And when it was illuminated, he saw me. Pissing…

I’ve entered several times in the ladies room (certainly unintentionally). However, it was a quite much embarrassed experience, the one I lived in this “cool” restaurant, in “THE Toilet”. It left me a scar that I will have to carry with me forever.