A New Age

Everyone knew that sooner or later, we would achieve the goal. There is no reason why we should forbid marriage for some, while others, due to their sexual conditions, can enjoy it freely. The most conservative part of the society couldn’t see with good eyes our proposal. Even though it is extremely difficult to understand the real why of the matter.

Our kind of couples usually date in the outside world. It is not like years ago, when you could only enjoy your relationship through the internet at home. Now, you can date outside and go together to the cinema or to a beach. It is true that some people look at us in a creepy way, but nobody tell us a thing. Their minds judge us, but society does not anymore. Our world is progressing, and that progression needs to be reflected in our social status.

If you look at the history books, gay couples had to fight for decades for their rights. Now, we have been fighting for many decades too. We have been silenced. But that time was years ago. The rest of the world has to understand that if you can feel love for a person, or an animal, why can not feel love for something else. What is the point of being so narrow-minded? Perhaps the world evolved due to narrow-minded ideas? I do not think so.

The moment has arrived. We will make history, like millions of people before us. It is known that all the beings will not be happy with this, but it is even more known that the majority of the population will be happier than ever. Because the marriage between humans and robots is no longer a dream. It is a reality.



Dear Mr. President

The matter can not be held for more time. The last years, we’ve been denying all the information that it was recorded by privates, but there is no way back. Our services can not stand this situation anymore. Wether the population is ready or not for this, we need to release the information.

As you must know, the other members of the committee agree. I hope you can agree too, as your approval is highly important and estimated, as well as highly needed. In case you suscribe, my colleagues and I have been developing a plan about how to broadcast this information. We all agree in giving the information in small pieces. We could begin with the existence of IETBs in far away planets and let this new rest over the population for a while. Let’s say a couple of years maximum, given the circumstances. Then, we could build a contact situation with the IETBs on earth and show some images of it.

This is just a draft. A roadmap. In any case, we’ll be discussing further details in our Tuesday’s meeting with the rest of the members, where I’ll be looking forward to knowing you verdict.

By the way, I‘d also like to clarify that this mail has been sent in paper in order not to leave any trace of its content.

Yours sincerely,

Lore Runj, Jupiter ambassador.